EOS is led by an experienced brother duo. Get to know them below and then meet the rest of the team.

We look forward to working with you!

Harvey Beech, Founder/President

Harvey was born in Los Angeles, California in 1978. He spent the first two years of his life there, until his family decided to relocate to Sheridan Arkansas, where he has spent his entire life. “My mother did not want to raise me in Los Angeles, so she made my father move back to Sheridan, AR. I could not be more grateful for my country roots that grew deep at the end of a two-mile gravel road on a 60-acre farm. Country people take pride in their work and are fair and kind to others. I wake up every day believing that I love everybody, and everybody loves me. You cannot beat a man that truly has that in his heart.” Harvey currently resides in Little Rock and will forever call Arkansas home.

Harvey’s parents introduced him to the transportation industry at a very young age. “Drivers used to carry me around the terminal in my diaper.” As Harvey grew, he gradually immersed himself into every aspect of his father’s company. He has a diverse skill set to include Dispatch, Planning, Sales, Recruiting, Maintenance, and Operations Management.

After graduating from University of Arkansas at Little Rock with the highest of honors in 1999, he decided to continue his transportation career working with his father; and over a 20-year period, his experience and logistical knowledge base has been finely tuned.  “Everything I learned in college I asked myself how could I apply this to trucking? On my last day of classes I sat down in “the chair” and went to work full time with my father.  My father taught me many things in this business and took me down a unique career path that has shaped my career and afforded me the opportunity to try and do something really special in this industry and for this I will be forever grateful.”

Harvey has spent his life surrounded by trucks and drivers; during this time, he has developed a love for the industry and a compassion for the drivers who he has always considered to be the most important asset of a trucking company. He has a clear understanding of what a truck driver needs and the importance of treating them with the respect and honesty that is deserved. His devotion to his driver’s needs has proven to be his greatest attribute. His drivers love him, and they are all extremely loyal to him.  “I tell all of my folks that I get up and come to work every day and try to be the best boss they have ever had, and in return I expect them to try and be the best employee I have ever had.  If we work together with that in our spirit everything will always work out.”

In 2013, Harvey’s father saw the opportunity to exit from trucking, and keeping with his commitment to the industry Harvey decided he was not ready to stop working in the environment that he has grown to cherish and rely on. In April 2013, Harvey Beech opened the doors to EOS, Inc. and continues to grow a fleet of Solo, Team, Lease Purchase, and Owner Operators.

EOS, Inc. is Harvey’s lifelong dream and he has every intention of continuing the development of a prospering environment, utilizing the core values of Kindness, Respect, Hard Work and Loyalty.

Harvey also holds his family close to his heart and supporting them is his personal, lifelong priority.  He foresees a bright future for his children and as every intention of keeping the Beech trucking tradition alive.  He is determined to pave the way for the next generation of the Beech family to be a mainstay in the trucking industry. In fact, his oldest child, Allie, is already a mainstay in the office.

Brad Beech, CEO

Part two of the brother duo! Brad joined forces with Harvey in late 2018 and quickly introduced new energy and expertise to EOS, Inc.

As you would expect, in many ways Brad’s background mimics his brother’s. He has always been around trucking and his experience spans every department and business segment.

After graduating from Bauxite High School, Brad continued in the family business. He has been a part of small companies, such as the early days of Beech Trucking, Freight Systems, and CSQT. He helped grow each of those companies into the medium-size business segment. And he was a key figure in large companies such as US Xpress (business agency with Freight Systems) and Celadon (after the selling of Freight Systems).

Brad’s extensive time in Maintenance, Operations, and Sales allows him to relate to what is important to both drivers and customers.

His commitment to his company is summed up in one of his favorite quotes: “Success isn’t owned, its leased. And the rent is due every day.”

He always trying to better the company, but he has fun too! You will often catch him at the lake with his family. And he is always down to watch some sports, but he will likely cheer for the other team just to keep it interesting.

Tammy Paladino


After Tammy graduated from Searcy High School, she started her career with Wal-Mart in 1990 as the first Safety/Personnel clerk at the Searcy, AR dispatch office. Over her career, she has been a Recruiter, Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, CSR, and Salesperson.

Tammy loves to cook and traveling is her passion. And for you Green Bay fans out there, Tammy is with you. Aaron Rodgers may have something to do with it though. 🙂

And she had some great words to share about EOS and our industry:

"The Trucking industry is not just a job.  It truly takes a person with drive, ambition, and extreme motivation.  Once you start in this business it’s in your blood.  I truly love what I do.  I feel blessed to work for EOS.  We are a family." - Tammy Paladino

Brad Crow

Fleet Manager

Brad has been in the trucking industry since 2002. He was a driver for 2 1/2 years and has worked in Dispatch since 2004. When it is time for fun, you will catch him hunting and golfing. And when it's time for sports, he calls the Hogs on Saturdays and yells "How about them Cowboyz?!" on Sundays.

Kathi Tobey

Fleet Manager

Kathi has 22 years of experience in the trucking industry. She is the Treasurer for her church where she loves to help in any way she can. Chat with her about the Dallas Cowboys sometime, she is a big fan.

Josh Hampton

Director of Operations

Josh has been in the trucking industry for 8 years. He attended Bryant High School and Missouri State University. He worked at Rich Logistics as a Night Supervisor and then CSQT as Director of Operations before landing at EOS in 2017.

Josh is a big Denver Broncos fan! If there are any others out there, you have a friend in Josh. He enjoys running, golfing, grilling, and most of all, hanging with his daughter.

Casey Williams

Night Dispatch

Casey's parents owned a trucking company, so she has been apart of the trucking industry her whole life. She graduated from Benton High School and then worked for American Truck Lines from 1999-2008. She was the Dispatch Supervisor at Rich Logistics between 2008 and 2018. During that time, she temporarily left Rich and was apart of the original crew at EOS. She returned to EOS in 2018.

Quentin Markland


Quentin has 21 years in the transportation industry. He is a graduate of Little Rock Catholic High and the University of Arkansas. He has been through 2 buyouts! Here is where he has been, maybe you recognize a few:

  • Started at Continental Express - bought by Celadon
  • Vouk
  • Freight Systems - bought by Celadon
  • CSQT
  • RCX Solutions
  • EOS

Quentin likes to spend what little free time he has hunting, shooting, and snow skiing. He rides a bike for exercise these days and he says: "I look damn good for fifty!" I'll let you be the judge of that. When it comes to sports, he is ALL ABOUT THEM HOGS!

Tara Beech


Tara has been in the industry for 2 years. She attended University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and was a radiologist technician before joining EOS. If you want to find Tara, try the lake! You will find trying to keep up with her 3 year old son and catching some rays.

"I absolutely love my job and taking care of my drivers!" - Tara

Allie Beech

Customer Service

Allie grew up around trucking and has worked for her dad each summer since she was 15 years old. She has now been in the industry, full time, for 3 years. Allie graduated from Bauxite High School and then attended Arkansas State University, where she obtained a degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating she had teaching internships for 2 years before deciding to move back to Little Rock and work with her Grandpa in trucking. She worked for him in operations for about a year, sitting right next to her Uncle Brad, before moving over to EOS. She is currently managing the Customer Service Department in addition to planning all OTR trucks!

Allie loves to listen to audio books and hanging with her puppy. If you want to talk sports, your best bet is college baseball.

Jennifer Gammill-Knight

Customer Service

Jennifer has been in the trucking industry for 10 years. She graduated from Sulphur Springs High School in Texas and then attended University of Central Arkansas. She first worked in Restaurant Management before switching over to Transportation. She is into RC cars/sports cars and primarily watches baseball. The Atlanta Braves is her team.

Kevin Mayes


Kevin has been in the trucking industry for 30 years. After graduating High School in 1979, he attended both University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. He has worked in every facet of trucking except load planning. He has been a Driver, Trainer, Safety Director, Operations Manager, General Manager, Fleet Maintenance Director, and Orientation Training Coordinator.

If you are looking for Kevin, try the great outdoors, preferably on or near water.

Keith Horn

VP of Maintenance

Keith has 42 years in the trucking industry. He was as a driver for 20 years! And for the past 22 years he has held many positions in Operations. He has been a Maintenance Road Team Superviser, Safety Training Supervisor, Terminal Manager, Dispatch Team Leader, Customer Service Manager, VP of Maintenance at Rich Logistics, and now VP Maintenance here at EOS.

Keith graduated from Briarcrest Christian in Memphis and then Memphis State University (now University of Memphis). Keith is a sprint car racer! And while y'all are talking football and baseball, Keith is by the ice cheering for the Detroit Red Wings.

Becky Porter


Becky has been in the trucking industry for 32 years. She quickly started her career after graduating from Lonoke High School in 1988. She worked for Harold Ives Trucking Co. answering the phone until she was transferred to the Safety Department. Becky then worked in Logs and Recruiting at Maverick Transportation for a couple years until moving on to Pinnacle Transportation for a short time. She worked for Specialized Services Transportation (SST) for 13 years in the Safety Department. She decided to try something different and became the Assistant Manager at a Convenience Store while auditing Logs on the side. After a few years doing that, she joined the trucking industry again full time at CSQT, where she used all of her Safety knowledge and added on e-Log experience. She has been at EOS for a year now in the Safety department. Becky likes to do all things outdoors including camping, fishing, swimming, and hanging out with her grand babies.

Joe Parker


Joe has been in the industry for over 6 years. He graduated from Stuttgart High School and Phillips Community College. Joe also has experience in construction and rice milling! As for sports, he's backing the Vikings, Astros, and Lakers. When he is away from work, Joe is exercising or hanging out with his kids.

Travis Cockerham

Information Systems

Travis began his professional career with the Beech family in 2010 when he joined Freight Systems, Inc. He started as Quality Improvement Specialist, working to improve the business's policies and procedures. Then he began working with truck/driver performance data. Slowly learning the technology and equipment behind the scenes, he reluctantly became the resident IT guy. He continues to monitor the technical equipment in the office but focuses his efforts on supplying useful data to all departments to improve rate per mile, miles per gallon, employee productivity, and driver/customer/employee satisfaction.

Travis graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a business degree and then from the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville with a Masters of Science in Operations Management.

He loves his family and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. He is always down for a vacation or a night out with friends. And you can usually get him talking about the Chiefs, Theology, or his kids.

Andrew Klass

Customer Service

Trish Morris


Susan Fergusson


Amanda Archer


"Safety" Sam Lister


Sam has been in the industry for 43 years. He graduated from Plainview-Rover High School and went on to build an impressive work history. Check this out:

  • ACB Trukcing - Safety Director
  • Topeke Trucking - Safety Director
  • Cal Ark Trucking - Safety Director
  • Continental Express - Terminal Manager/Safety Director
  • Rich Logisitics - VP of Safety
  • EOS Trucking - Safety Director

He is a certified DOT Compliance graduate, District Director for Goldwing Road Riders Association, and a Master Mason! He is a fan of the LA Dodgers and Pittsburgh Steelers. And he loves his 4 rescue dogs.

Braden Beech

Fleet Manager